My Pregnancy Journey – Two Thirds Done

After what felt like months, we finally got our 12-week scan, and she was perfect.  Hearing my baby’s heartbeat was the most amazing experience I have ever felt.  The sense of relief I got was immediate, I felt like I could finally enjoy our pregnancy and put all my concerns to the back of my head.  I was finally able to announce my pregnancy to everyone who hadn’t been told (it was probably the worst kept secret ever because we were all so excited).

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The second trimester was one of the most enjoyable times of my pregnancy.  I said to everyone, I could be 20 weeks pregnant forever! I had a great round prominent bump which I was proud to show off, the exhaustion and nausea had lifted and I just felt great.  At 16 weeks we paid for a private gender scan and that is when we found out we were having our gorgeous little princess.  She even gave us a wave and peed!! during the scan.  We arranged for both sets of grandparents to come to my house and we had a box filled with pink balloons, the grannies were screaming and crying!  We bought our baby girl her first girls outfit the next day.  We had our anomaly scan at 20 weeks, and again that brought the anxiety of hoping our baby girl was ok, but because we had our gender scan just 4 weeks before, the anxiety didn’t feel as bad.


Best Buys for the second trimester:

  1. Pregnancy pillow! These are amazing! There are a number of different types available, but this one was the one I used, I knew I wanted a horseshoe version as I could never lay on the one side for the full night and I didn’t want to be moving the pillow everytime I rolled around (it is worth noting that the NHS recommend sleeping on your left side in pregnancy).  This pillow lasted me from 12 weeks pregnant to the very end, and is still plumped up!
  2. Maternity bra.  As your bump expands, so does your rib cage and the ladies.  I went to a Mothercare baby event and got a 10% off voucher, so I used my time there to get measured for maternity bras and bought this pack of 2 which lasted me throughout my whole pregnancy.  I tried numerous brands and types, but I always found the Mothercare ones the most comfortable.
  3. Maternity clothes and new pyjamas.  I’ll talk about my maternity clothes experience below.  Everyone loves an excuse to buy new pyjamas, depending on when you are pregnant, you might find that you are too warm in bed to wear anything, thanks to hormones! But I was pregnant in winter and I loved getting into my cosy maternity pyjamas, most of mine were from Boohoo.
  4. Cravings.  I had a few big cravings throughout my pregnancy; salt and vinegar Pringles, lemon Sanpelligrino, Tango Ice Blasts and BBQ sauce.  And I made the most of the excuse of being pregnant and having cravings.  How many more times in your life are you going to be able to eat a salt and vinegar pringle covered in BBQ sauce dipped into lemon lemonade and not be judged!
  5. Date nights! You have the most energy in the second trimester, its the easiest to move about and fit into nice clothes, so this is when I would suggest you schedule date nights and days and friendship dates, just generally make the most of the energy and free time, because trust me, it doesn’t last LOL


Maternity Clothes

I found it SO hard to find decent maternity clothes and to dress for my new body.  I had a massive bump (thank you gestational diabetes!) so I found that if I didn’t buy maternity clothes, I had to buy normal clothes 3 sizes too big, which made me feel huge everywhere and not just my bump! So I stuck to the maternity sections, which are very sparse by the way! I had just moved house at the start of my second trimester so I didn’t have much money to go spending on a full new wardrobe for my pregnancy, so I had to keep it basic.  My go-to maternity shop was Boohoo and ASOS.  I would highly recommend Boohoo for maternity fashion, they are all great value for money, wash really well, and flatter the bump in just the right way.  My favourite maternity leggings were from Newlook maternity and I bought them on ASOS.  No matter how many brands I tried, I could not find a decent pair of maternity jeans that went over the bump but were tight on the bum and ankles, and didn’t go baggy after an hour of wearing! If you found any decent maternity jeans, leave me a comment below, for the next one (joke Stephen ;))! I’ll not lie, by the end of my second trimester, I really struggled with my bump and little did I know that this was only going to be the start of having to accept my new body (more about this in future blog posts).


There are some amazing bloggers and influencers who have been pregnant since I had Líle, and their fashion is amazing, I wish I had of had them as inspiration when I was pregnant!  If you aren’t following them, their Instagram pages are linked are below:

42332852_168331687405527_301580675953044575_nOh So Femme


That Culchie Girl

34310438_214784685915778_8432223513149964288_n.jpgAoibhe Devlin

31507735_247171469187954_9206328382558568448_nTara Makeup

38462085_295118544589261_7387741579055726592_nDanielle Donohoe

40360553_296579047799812_6759228288436011008_nVogue Williams

44516111_344417419653028_8264741407319529267_nRosie Connolly

The next post will be about my third trimester which included Gestational Diabetes, SPD, and Strep B.  As always, let me know if you have any questions about anything third trimester related, or about the above complications.


Jenny xxx


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