Chronic Illness Gift Guide

So as you all know, this blog was set up as a way of helping those with chronic illness feel more positive and to forget about their limitations.  And as much as I would absolutely love any of the fashion and beauty products that I have posted in my ‘best of’ series, I know some of you feel like you would love for someone to say “I bought you this to help with your illness” or to make your day better or easier, or bring a smile to your face! So I’ve come up with this gift guide that you can share with those you love that will hopefully show that we can receive gifts that are both practical and stylish! Although this was made for people with chronic illness in mind, I’m sure anyone would love the gifts below!

First up is a rechargeable hot water bottle! Because every chronically ill person I know can’t live without their heat.  This one is amazing because it doesn’t need filling with water, you don’t even have to leave your bed to heat it up.  All you have to do is plug it into charge for 15 mins max! Personally, I think everyone should have one and that normal hot water bottles are SO over rated!

Next is a candle, now because we spend a lot of time in the one room, it is important our room feels inviting, warm and cosy.  So a candle is a great present and will definitely be used!


If you really wanted to go a step further and consider someone’s health while choosing a present, then this Essential Oil diffuser is perfect!  It has colour changing lights which make the atmosphere in any room and different speed settings, plus looks really nice.  Of course, you will need a started essential oil set, I recommend this one as it comes in a gorgeous box and has all the basic scents!

Sticking to the comfort topic, a cosy blanket is always a winner!

Also, a nice pair of pyjamas or loungewear will always be appreciated, because let’s be honest, we practically live in the things!! Of course getting a new cosy bathrobe is always a bonus.  And these Microwaveable house slippers are things a person with constant cold feet dream of!

fluffy slippers.jpg

Usually, a person with chronic illness will drink a lot of hot drinks, you see the pattern here HOT lol! So I’ve picked some cute mugs below.

So as for hobbies, I can only go with what I like to do.

One thing that is so popular is Adult Colouring Books, I have so many I’ve lost count.  Here is a list of my favourites.  Animal Kingdom Colouring Book, Tropical Wonderland Colouring Book, Roald Dahls Colouring Book


Of course, you need good colouring pencils and markers too: Staedtler 24 Pencils . Another trick I found to make colouring easier was buying this electric sharpener!

I have met a lot of chronically ill people especially through this blog, and the majority of us have a weird love for stationery.  I know I love having a good diary to write my appointments in; here are some gorgeous options.  I also love having a journal to use as a bullet journal, I’ve written a beginners guide to Bullet Journals here.

Another great present for anyone who loves stationery is the Happiness Planner.  Not only does it look great, it helps with mindfulness, which makes you feel good!


Next is this Infrared back massager! Because who doesn’t love a massage!  This is so good for those with tired muscles.

Next is bath salts, although these are lovely for everyone, some of these soak’s have amazing properties that can help with ailments.


  • Himalayan Bath Salts – Prevents muscle cramping and helps to destress
  • Detox Sea Bath Salts – Tea Tree and Eucalyptus for helping to breathe
  • Floral Detox Salts – with Neroli Oil for helping dull and tired skin
  • Muscle Soak Bath Salts – with Ylang Ylang, Grapefruit and Mandarin for relaxing and soothing
  • The most basic salts are Epson Salts – helps to detox. These usually come in a not so inviting bag, but why not make your own present, adding essential oils and putting into a nice jar!

A foot spa is also a great present, especially for someone who can’t use a bath.  The salts will still have the same impact! The basic spa will be great, like this one by Revlon.  However, this Beurer Aromatherapy spa has all the extras that are just luxurious! (Just a wee tip that I’ve noticed, some of the foot spas have magnets.  I only know from my own experience, but my nerves do not react well to magnets at all, so might be something to make note of!)

The obvious present, but one that can’t be forgotten is a shower/bath set.  Trust me when I say there is nothing nicer than during a flare, coming out of a nice smelling shower and layering on gorgeous cream.

Tony Moly Sheet Masks are another great pampering option, they are so cooling, no having to get out of bed to wash off masks, they just come off as quickly as they go on.  I also love these under eye patches.  Another great alternative, especially for people with migraines, is this freezable gel eye patch.  I’ve tried a few brands but this is the best!

This gift set from This Works is also great for those who find it difficult to sleep.

Of course, I’ll just mention here that a day trip to a local spa is always a great gift!

Why not buy a personal development book, I’ve listed my top 5 here.

As regards to subscriptions and gift cards;

Netflix is a favourite amongst the chronic illness community, so why not pay for a few months membership here.

Audible is another great app that I use nearly every night, you can buy gift vouchers here.

The ChronicAlly box is another great subscription service, I’ve explained more about in my blog here.

Let me know if you have any other suggestions for this gift guide, and of course, if you purchase anything, let me know how it is received!



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